Resources: Forging Forward with Confidence and Love

Happy Friday.


What a few weeks it has been. One of my best friends is an ICU nurse on the East Coast, and every week when we catch up, I am impressed with the selflessness and graciousness that she approaches her job and her duty as a healthcare professional during these trying times. To all of our frontline workers, thank you. All of us here at home can’t even begin to compare to the demands of your lives right now.

And to all of my Work From Home family – whether you are on week 1 or 4, you are doing it and you are doing it as well as you can! This newsletter is for you. 

At the height of schools transitioning to distance learning last week, I wrote a blog on PBL Works for how to make distance learning work for all students. Check it out!

Last week, I also created a Facebook and Instagram page for The Umi Project as a place to share current, relevant resources (quickly, not just once a month) and to share project spotlights and incredible work happening by educators everywhere. Make sure to give us a follow! 

This month’s intentional design resources are all about diversifying the options – from Morning Meetings on Zoom with your students to entertaining your kids at home, here are some of my favorites for this month. Check them out and share the love.

  1. This week, JK Rowling released a new addition to her Wizarding World site – Harry Potter at Home! For those of you that know me… well… you know I can’t resist a HP plug. For any of all ages, Harry Potter Book 1 is now available for free on Audible, and on OverDrive through April. She also granted open licensure for teachers during this stay-at-home period – this means that teachers can record themselves reading Harry Potter books on camera. If you’ve ever thought it might be a good time to introduce Harry to your students – now is definitely the time!
  2. A few rockstar Early Childhood Elementary teachers and fellow National Faculty members recently released a project designed for young learners and their families at home. The project is called Home Based and can be found at their Early Childhood PBL webpage. 
  3. Those of you that are meeting with your students face-to-face, whether it’s for advisory or for class periods, Responsive Classroom’s Morning Meeting model is a perfect way to engage students right from the start and hear their voices guiding the learning in the online space.

And if these last few weeks have been an overload of information and resources, and you just need to spend some time at home with your family with new expectations – well you’re not alone. Read this NY Times Op-Ed for more.

Let’s move into April with confidence and love – confidence that no matter the environmental circumstances, we can make the best of the situation and be present in today’s experiences. And love – for yourself, for your children and partners, for your students, and for those that are living experiences that are so different from our own right now, and need to be reminded that they are not alone.

Fight on!