Resources: An Intentionally Designed Start

August already? A new school year awaits! As you head back to school, The Umi Project wishes you an amazing year, filled with excitement, deeper-learning, and joy.

This month, The Umi Project is inspiring you to try, read and look into a few resources that will provide some fresh perspective into the start of your school year.
  1. Try it: I’m a huge fan of podcast projects, and as someone who has tried a few (and not always successfully), I was pretty excited to see a colleague share this resource from NPR: Teaching Podcasting, A Curriculum Guide for Educators. Try it out!

  2. Look into it: PBLWorks recently released a “Downloadable E-Book”a teacher’s guide to PBL!

  3. Read it: I’ve been actively following the large gathering of Hawaiians and supporters gathered at Mauna Kea this past month, protesting the start of the TMT construction on a Native Hawaiian sacred site. Here is a good place to start learning more about what is happening at the mauna. I encourage you to read, and then let that reading lead you to other sources and documentation of the protests. For example, there is a large following of the Instagram account @protectmaunakea. Even if you don’t live in Hawaii, this is a conflict that can teach us, and our students, many lessons of the past, present, and how we choose to deal with the future.

  4. “When the north wind blows and you feel it in your sails, when you feel it on your body as it cools you, as it gives you relief, that is we Alaskans with you,” – Native Alaskans and Native Hawaiians come together to celebrate the wa’a Ho’oilina, and their cultural and symbolic ties… a great discussion and connection to have with your kids at home too!