Resources: Summer’s Gift

This past month, I’ve been working with DreamHouse ‘Ewa Beach school’s newly hired team, running the annual onboarding course for Designing your Project-Based Practice. Each week, we build common language around a Deeper Learning teaching practice by diving into the 4 elements: intentional structures, student voice and choice, collaboration, and reflection & feedback.

Read more about the Project-Based Practice here!

Here at home, I’ve been doing a LOT of reading, a LOT of getting outside and off the screen, and building my sense of place. This month’s Intentional Design resources are inspired by living the “stay-at-home” spring lifestyle: 

  1. Reading! I recently discovered young adult author Jason Reynolds. I started with his book Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You, an adaptation of Dr. Ibram X. Kendi’s National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Beginning. Reynolds writes to his audience- young adults and teens- who are grappling with their racial identities in today’s America. Most of his other books are fiction, but this one is an incredible depiction of revisionist history. I highly recommend getting on your library waitlist and reading everything he has available! 

  2. Mapping your sense of place: I’ve been attending Pacific Blue Studio + Education Incubator’s REinvent Learning series on Wonder | Adventure | Impact : Putting You + Community + Nature on the map. As someone who typically travels a LOT for work, I realized through this series that my sense of place has evolved since I’ve been at home so much since COVID hit. Check out my map below – and our ESRI Storyboard – and try making one at home!

  3. At-Home P.D.: The fantastic HomeEd Connect crew has been putting together tremendous resources for tackling distance learning during this time at home. Check out HomeEd Connect on Facebook and join their next live session!

For many of you, spring is coming to a rapid end, and summer is just around the corner. Perhaps this year, that big breath taken on the last day of school is a little bigger, a little more needed, than years in the past. Whatever your expectations, hopes, anxieties, and curiosities are for the coming school year, put them to the side for a time and enjoy some time for self-care and rejuvenation!