Resources: Staying True to the Vision

Bring people and ideas together for a sustainable future...

In February, I hit the road again for a month filled with incredible coaching conversations with educators, fulfilling professional development, and an opportunity for the true vision of The Umi Project to unfold:

The vision of The Umi Project is to bring people and ideas together for a sustainable future. It can be interpreted so broadly, but the essence of it is when people of all ages do come together to build new knowledge and collaborate to create action. On February 29, the first Working Group for Climate Action PBL came together at Hanahauoli School in Honolulu, HI – a group of teachers, high school students, and community organizations – to build out the first of many Project-Based modules for teachers in Hawaii. These modules are inspired by the upcoming documentary series A Climate for Change, a Green Island Films production. The Umi Project will be working throughout the rest of this year to build out the Educator’s Toolkit to accompany the film, so that all Hawaii school teachers and students have access to bringing Climate Change education into their classrooms. If you’re interested in joining a Working Group, email 

Mark your calendar – April 22 on Hawaii News Now – the first of the 3 part series will be screened.

Remember, intentional design happens everywhere, whether within the walls of a traditional school or in an open-air pavilion amongst new faces and new ideas! 

This month’s intentional design resources:

  1. 2020 Common Ground Summit: Protecting Wild Spaces in Global Communities. This conference, hosted by Le Jardin Academy students, is almost entirely student-run, focusing on current issues, culture, sustainability, and intergenerational collaboration. If you live in Hawaii and work with high school students, check out to join in!

  2. Always learning from our students, my USC graduate students recently shared the concept of Envisionment Learning, a method of intentionally designing the learning environment when teaching literature. English Language Arts teachers, check it out!

  3. Does your school have a coaching program? Have you ever considered the coaching model beyond just the structure? This article from Educational Leadership explores the Coaching Culture as the key to success in coaching.

What’s to come?

I’ll continue to be on the road through March, working alongside incredible educators and humans – Dan Kinzer of Pacific Blue Studios and I are teaming up for a big Deep Dive Session at this year’s Deeper Learning Conference in San Diego, March 25 – 27. Look out for our session Bringing Place into Projects, for a deep dive into building out Esri powered Story Maps and connecting storytelling with place in student projects.

The Kachemak Bay Environmental Education Alliance (including TUP) is hosting a Women in STEM Discovery Lab right here in Homer on March 18 at Islands and Oceans and Visitor’s Center. 

What’s happening in your community that speaks to intentional design of education? How are people in your community bringing people and ideas together to work towards the true definition of sustainability?