Resources: The Magic of Summer

Summer is officially in full swing! What I love about summer is seeing all of the ways that kids are engaging with it, whether unstructured or structured. Today, there are so many incredible things that kids can be doing outside and with others during the summer months, it can probably be pretty overwhelming to choose as a parent!

One of those options is what I’m featuring this month: GAKKO, based in New York City, operates “summer camps” all over the world for high school students. I had a chance to learn more about them earlier this month, and WOW, talk about passion and intentional design. Gakko, meaning “school” in Japanese, was founded in 2013 by Kenta Koga. They turn learning, identity and community into something really special with their 2-week summer camps. This year’s is happening as you read this in Japan. Check out their work and pass it along to a high schooler who might thrive in this type of learning environment!

This month, The Umi Project is inspired to think outside of the box and intentionally design outside of the typical “systems” we always find ourselves in:

  1. The 4 P’s of Creative Learning from the Lifelong Kindergarten Course
  2. A different look at the role of the teacher with the Reggio Emilia approach.
  3. In June, I spent time with incredible teachers in Lansing, MI and Wichita, KS with PBL Works. We talked a lot about structures like Morning Meeting, and how they can transcend just the elementary school classroom. Here is a great resource for intentionally designing those first few moments of a students day.

Reggio Emiliia in a Nutshell